Abatement systems and industrial air pollution control systems

This range of plants includes multiple systems responding to specific needs but with the same purpose: the abatement of pollutants in the atmosphere through a purification process.

The types of pollutants to be treated are of different nature and include VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), acid fumes, and inorganic pollutants. The technologies used for the abatement of these substances are often associated with recovery systems that allow the plant to be self-sustaining through the conversion of the pollutant into thermal energy. This will lead to significant savings in energy consumption and operating costs. 

The variety of the available technologies and the materials used depend on several aspects such as the type and concentration of pollutants to be purified and the air flow rate to be treated.  Brofind®’s commercial proposal, therefore, includes oxidizers, rotor concentrators, activated carbon filters, abatement towers, and Venturi scrubbers, all supported by materials with thermal, catalytic, and anti-odour properties such as ceramics, pellets, honeycomb, and activated carbon.

Brofind®’s technologies for abatement and depuration

Direct oxidizers

Regenerative thermal oxidizers

Catalytic oxidizers

Recuperative thermal oxidizers

Thermal oxidizers for deodorisation

Rotary concentrators

Abatement towers and Venturi scrubbers

Flameless eletrical RTO

Industrial activated carbon filters