We supply complete turnkey plants, for the abatement of pollutants in the atmosphere.

We specialise in the abatement of VOC, acid fumes, inorganic pollutants and in building plants for the recovery of the solvent used in your production.

We have been operating worldwide since 1993, coming up with cutting-edge solutions to reduce air pollution and to optimise energy.

The numbers that define us today

Brofind®, after gaining rapid success, was able to consolidate its results and extend them to highly competitive markets and geographical areas. To better understand the company, we present some significant numbers:

Global turnover

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Brofind® has implemented an estimation model of atmospheric pollution reduction resulting from the use of its plants. Please consult this page where, using filters, you may view the data divided by production sector and applied technology.


We want to share with every potential customer our distinctive technical skills and the long-standing engineering know-how, to face and overcome the ecological limits of the production plants by complying with international industry regulations.

Technological proposal

Brofind® mainly presides over and proposes the following environmental protection technologies:

  • Recovery of solvents with activated carbon (using steam or nitrogen)
  • Thermal Oxidation (direct – regenerative – recuperative)
  • Catalytic Oxidation
  • Adsorption on activated carbon
  • Wet scrubber
  • V.O.C. concentration plants (zeolite – activated carbon)
  • ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) philosophy systems
  • Heat recovery systems with production of steam, diathermic fluid heating or process air
  • Production of refrigeration units with absorption chillers

The engineering nature of our organisation naturally allows us to offer a host of additional technologies and possibly further solutions developed on demand which cannot all be listed here:

  • Extraction and intake networks, with necessary ducting
  • Solvents storage and distribution systems
  • Industrial burners
  • Ventilation and extraction control and adjustment
  • Constant monitoring of pollutant concentration
  • Continuous control of solvent concentration in production processes (printing, coupling, coatings, etc.)

Our customers

Our wide range of technologies have allowed us to realise installations in all types of production sectors, on a national, European and global scale as an accredited supplier of local and multinational customers.

The main sectors where Brofind® has installed proprietary solutions are:


Ceramics and construction

Chemical and pharmaceutical

Composite materials


Electronics and batteries

Flat laminates

Flexible packaging

Food industry

Foundry and metallurgy

Industrial painting



Plastics and rubber

Publication printing

Special applications

Tannery and synthetic leather



The common interest in the respect for the environment, partially in contrast with pure profit, is implemented by creating industrial production systems with a low ecological impact. Guided by this awareness, we develop innovative technological solutions and spread cultural themes with the goal of sustainability as seen by the best interpreters of the Italian, European and global business mission.

Organisation & Team

Team Brofind 2023

Over the years, Brofind® has been able to attract and consolidate a network of top-level employees and collaborators, creating a solid structure able to follow any type of project, in all its aspects. Teamwork, implemented by qualified professional figures, specialised in specific technical fields, is distributed in the following departments that work together synergetically:

Process engineering department

Process engineering works at determining how the abatement and recovery process is carried out in the different operating conditions in which the plant must work. They therefore try to define the evolution of the abatement process in different stages so as to handle all current and potential difficulties, remedying the situation by adopting adequate technical engineering solutions.

Mechanical engineering department

The mechanical department is engaged in developing the mechanical study of the design, focusing on how to make the product from a construction standpoint and guaranteeing the technical standards requested by the customer. The role of project manager is fundamental in the engineering department in order to fulfil the job order entrusted to them within the established schedule.

Electrical – instrumental department

The electrical-instrumental department defines the tools and wiring diagrams needed to manage the plant upon specification of the process engineering department. It creates the whole hardware part of the electrical equipment of an abatement and recovery plant.

Software and automation department

The software and automation department creates the software dedicated to the various applications, customising its functions based on customer requirements and plant operation

Start up, commissioning and after sales technical service department

The department in question manages all personnel involved in the start up and commissioning activities, in charge of installing the item, together with after sales technical service activities, also provided through remote connection, therefore supplying a continuous technical support service throughout the entire lifetime of the machine. The total in-house design of the machine allows Brofind® to study and adapt the plant to the minimum needs of the customer from every point of view. The full and constant collaboration of the various departments allows the customer to purchase a tailor-made technological product, developed without any design detail delegated to third parties, a feature which sets Brofind® apart from its competitors.

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