Thermal oxidizers (RTOs) offer unpaired efficiency and simplicity for the abatement of a wide range of solvents and volatile organic compounds. Brofind managed to innovate this technology, bringing it to the next level and designing its version fueled with just electric energy, but with the chance to also use renewable sources (solar panels and micro-eolic).

Features and advantages offered by electric RTO technology


  • No CO2 production from the fuel.

  • No gas connection necessary.

  • Integrated design with small dimensions and simple installation.

  • Possibility of completely test the plant while still in the workshop – even during operation – before its dispatch.

  • High VOC abatement efficiency: >99%.

  • High thermal recovery efficiency and low energy consumptions, also thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels.

  • Reduced maintenance and very high reliability (>99% usage rate).

Operating Principles of ECO2 units

Regenerative thermal oxidation allows the abatement of VOCs through the following reaction:

VOCs + O2 + activation energy -> CO2 + H2O + heat

The reaction happens in the combustion chamber with suitable temperature, turbulence, and residence time. Temperature level is guaranteed by special electric resistances, also supported by solar panels.

Polluted air is pre-heated by ceramic filling layers, which are heated or cooled according to the direction of the air crossing them, thus acting as heat accumulators.

Main characteristics of ECO2

The electrically fed regenerative thermal oxidizer uses thermal energy generated during combustion to reduce both operative costs and the consumption of energy from the system itself. Thanks to the high energy recovery, regenerative plants are particularly suited for the applications with low VOC concentrations.

Our innovative electrically fed thermal oxidation systems efficiently destroy various dangerous industrial pollutants with a >99% abatement efficiency.

Typical applications and target sectors of ECO2

Our electrically fed thermal oxidizer can help you reducing the emissions of dangerous pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to comply with the strictest regulations. Our solutions are ideal for a variety of applications, e.g.: automotive, painting, printing, packaging, industrial coating, pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductors, electronic, etc.

Development of dedicated plant solutions

With the possibility of integration with solar panels you can take a step further towards sustainability, using solar energy to abate both operating costs and the environmental impact of your production. ECO2 technology is part of the range of technologically advanced air pollution control products offered to the market by our company. For each of them the company ensures a complete presence in all phases of product life:

Services provided

Choosing Brofind means:

  • Customer assistance 24/7
  • Impartiality in recommending pollution control technologies since Brofind is owner of many of them
  • Experience in the design and manufacturing of abatement plants since 1993

See the page dedicated to Brofind services to understand how we support our customers during the entire lifecycle of the product.