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Brofind’s philosophy is to provide the customer with complete support during every stage of the life of the product, starting from the initial consulting and feasibility study, and continuing with installation and maintenance services, routine and extraordinary, up until managing the used product.

Brofind provides the following specialised services:

The following is a detailed analysis of our services, for further information please contact our customer care

Consulting during the proposal stage – feasibility studies

Proposing a system for the treatment of pollutants from industrial processes, possibly very complex, is not easy to delegate or outsource. It requires a high level of specialised technological expertise, an organised technical application know-how and concrete validated experience, which can only be gained over a long period of time thanks to important referenced executions.

Furthermore Brofind®, through its constant activities of-recruiting, admission, training and development of human resources, sustains the technical feasibility analysis activities with top rate managerial and engineering personnel who perform the technical feasibility analysis and draft the technical-economical
offer based on the data collected from on-site activities, such as inspections at the production lines or received from the customer and/or their consultants.

The feasibility analysis entails making a comparison with the countless existing installations, which is a real heritage of irreplaceable knowledge, in order to identify proven plant engineering solutions and to consistently adapt the product to the specific productive situation.

After the feasibility analysis and definition of the design according to advanced technical solutions, Brofind project managers specifically tend to the sustainability of the investment while considering the entire lifecycle of the product.

We support or complete the consulting service during the proposal stage with further specialised services, such as:

  • Process engineering
  • Process optimisation
  • Optimisation of production cycles
  • Optimisation of energy consumption and resources
  • Emissions analysis
  • Activated carbon analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Classification of ATEX areas

Mechanical and electrical – instrumental, software and automation engineering

Brofind® internally develops both mechanical and electrical engineering of the product. Furthermore special care is taken internally in the implementation of the automatic management software of our plants.
The advantage of having in-house staff to carry out these basic activities, whose quality level represents and encompasses the true value of the Brofind® offer and technology, allows us to handle and resolve complex issues, to give quick responses and feedback, competent and not depending on any third-party activities, of modifying, adapting and extending any previously taken technical solution, in order to meet new operating conditions.
The presence of in-house staff for the various engineering aspects allows us to make machinery and plants on skids, with reduced size and design for simple installation and management. The excellence achieved by the different departments at Brofind® allows us to build a unique product, with a high quality standard and to maintain it over the entire lifecycle of the product.

Specifically, the software and automation department is dedicated to finding solutions to simplify the management, control and monitoring of systems and plants as well as programming customised software according to the customer’s requirements. For example, we develop software which makes the following possible:

  • Remote control of any production process
  • Continual control of the efficiency of the solvent recovery and thermal oxidation plants
  • The estimation of the mass balance of pollutants in air purification plants
  • The estimation of the energy balance of plants with relative request of white/green certificates
  • Monitoring and control of production systems (instruments, software)
  • Monitoring of emissions into the atmosphere with relative reports according to regulations

Project Management

The activity of Project Management is required so as to guarantee that project objectives are respected according to quality levels, timetables and the relative budget. Obviously this activity entails applying a work method consisting of many processes. Every Brofind® project is managed by project managers with years of experience, who can organise internal and external resources with precision within a scheduled and strict work plan.

The Project Manager is the direct contact person of each individual customer for all tasks regarding implementation of the plan, for the correct execution of the production, installation and start-up activities up to its completion.

Pre-commissioning, commissioning and installation

With the pre-commissioning, commissioning and installation tasks, the project enters the physical “deployment” phase on the production lines of the customer. This is a crucial stage involving a variety of coordination requirements between technical teams which differ by areas of knowledge (mechanics, electricians, software engineers, etc.) and/or who they work for (in-house, outsourced, employed by customer, etc.).

Start up and preparation activities by the customer, guided by the Project Manager, are typically coordinated to keep a high level of control during these crucial phases, analysing possible sources of risk to reduce to a minimum or nullify any possible unexpected developments.

All Brofind® plants are started up by a technician qualified for this specific purpose, capable of perfectly fine tuning every individual part of the abatement system so as to provide the customer with an excellent service, in particular during the delicate calibration phases to reach the requested limits.

After Sales Services

One of the keys to the Brofind® support activity is the After Sales service: aimed at providing assistance during the entire lifecycle of the plant, through a team of specialised technicians always available to intervene at any time to respond to any need expressed by the customer, we can propose:

  • Routine maintenance contracts differentiated according to the customer’s requirements (Basic,
    Plus, Smart Plus and Premium Contracts)
  • Routine mechanical and electrical-instrumental maintenance
  • Burner maintenance and overhaul of combustion systems
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Overhauls of existing plants, even not manufactured by Brofind®
  • Inspection and maintenance of heat recovery and distribution systems
  • Optimisation of abatement efficiency and operating costs of atmospheric emissions treatment
  • Emissions analysis
  • Intervention on catalyst charges or activated carbons (load, unload, reintegration, sieving,
    reactivation and disposal)
  • Remote control and tele-assistance
  • Maintenance of activated carbons (extraction, sieving, reactivation, reinsertion)
  • Spare parts sale
  • Software and automation updating
  • Plant reclamation
  • Heat exchanger cleaning


Brofind® is able to revamp pollution control plants by working in all the critical parts of the machine.
Brofind® has developed a certified inspection procedure to restore operation of old and used plants entailing:

  • mechanical inspection
  • leak test
  • thermal insulation inspection
  • ceramic packing inspection
  • burner inspection
  • electrical-instrumental inspection
  • SW and automation inspection

Management of used products

Brofind® provides the customer with a wide network of contacts to facilitate and simplify the transfer of used plants and equipment to third parties. Along with these services, we can also appraise the value of the asset being sold.

For further details, see the section of the website dedicated to used plants Brofind®.

Choosing Brofind means:

  • Customer assistance 24/7
  • Impartiality in recommending pollution control technologies since Brofind is owner of many of
  • Experience in design and manufacturing of abatement plants since 1993

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