Being constantly involved with potentially explosive pollutants or simply having to guarantee correct stack emission implicates the use of measurement systems with must inevitably communicate with the abatement or recovery plant. These systems cannot act stand alone but in union with upstream or downstream systems to prevent particularly inconvenient or even catastrophic conditions. The perfect dialogue between the measurement systems and the abatement or recovery plant are our signature for a job well done.


Brofind is therefore capable of supplying:

  • continuous emissions measurement systems to constantly verify the emission parameters of the plant and to act immediately in case of faults
  • LEL (lower explosion limit) measurement systems to monitor the formation of potentially explosive atmospheres and to therefore avoid catastrophic situations

Services supplied

Choosing Brofind means:

  • Customer assistance 24/7
  • Impartiality in recommending pollution control technologies since Brofind is owner of many of them
  • Experience in the design and manufacturing of abatement plants since 1993

See the page dedicated to Brofind services to understand how we support our customers during the entire lifecycle of the product.