Zero waste recycling systems and loop reuse systems

The “zero waste” plants are part of a production model increasingly oriented to circular economy whose main purpose is to recycle and reuse resources.

In this regard, Brofind® has developed solvent recovery and water treatment technologies based on the depuration and subsequent reuse of pollutants in the production cycle. The purified substances can, for example, be used for civil heating, to pre-heat water in boilers or can be re-introduced directly into the production cycle. The main goal is to minimize the waste of resources and contribute to environmental safeguard.

In the field of solvent recovery, two types of plants are available depending on the characteristics of the pollutant. Specifically, the choice between steam and inert gas solvent recovery is dictated by the level of water solubility of the solvent. 

Brofind®’s “zero waste” recovery plants

Solvent recovery units with steam regeneration

Solvent recovery units with inert gas regeneration

NMP pyrrolidone: abatement and recovery systems