Plant N° 583 - Lamia

Product installedSolvent recovery
Application SectorPrinting, packaging and converting
Flow rate90000 Nm3/h
Pollutants treatedEthyl acetate
Concentration5.00 g/Nm3
Installation year2017
Continent placeEUROPE
Nation placeGreece
Ibr6975 Recuperosolvente

Purified gaseous effluent

262.8M m3
Total volume treated to date

Abated VOC

1314 t

Total amount abated to date

CO2 not emitted

2.6k t

Total CO2 not emitted to date

Purified liquid effluent

The purified effluent liquid is not applicable to this plant.

Recovered solvent

2.6k t

Total volume treated to date

Brofind has implemented a method for estimating the values which are at the base of the numerical representation which the user sees. This method uses four basic parameters: year of installation, rounded off to January 1 each year, days the plant is active per year= 365, hours the plant is active per day 8, nominal loads of the machine.

Considering the above, these values cannot take into account events such as: closure, even temporary, of the plant, end of production, changed nominal operating conditions.

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