OPTIMISATION OF VENTILATION SYSTEMS OF PRINTING MACHINES This can be achieved with the following measures:

  • Using drying air heating systems to guarantee the flexibility of the operating conditions
  • Using drying air circulation systems managed automatically
  • Installation of reliable solvent concentration control systems

These measures make it possible to safely reduce the amount of air to be heated to guarantee drying without interfering with the quality of the product, simultaneously sending the treatment system less emissions and more concentrated. This reduces management costs in thermal oxidation plants, needing less fuel, and in solvent recovery plants, reducing their specific costs.

Features and advantages

The ventilation systems installed in the drying processes of the printed media can be optimised to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance safety of the operating conditions of the printing machines
  • Reduce the energy costs of the drying process
  • Optimise sizing of the drying air treatment systems and reduce operating costs

Operating principle

The main interventions proposed by BROFIND regard:

  • Changes of the ventilation circuits
  • Replacing air heating elements by using more easily controllable fluids (e.g. coils with diathermic oil)
  • Installation of regulating valves
  • Installation of continuous solvent concentration monitoring and control systems
  • Automation of regulation devices
  • Installation of control instruments (temperature, flow rate, negative pressure)
  • Installation of inverters for the variation of the flow rates extracted by fans
  • Installation of heat recovery systems

Services supplied

Choosing Brofind means:

  • Customer assistance 24/7
  • Impartiality in recommending pollution control technologies since Brofind is owner of many of them
  • Experience in the design and manufacturing of abatement plants since 1993

See the page dedicated to Brofind services to understand how we support our customers during the entire lifecycle of the product.

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