The storage section consists of one or more separate tanks, each supplied with its own solvent drawing circuit, to attribute backup solutions to the system to guarantee that the machine is fed even in case of on-field utility failures.

Features and advantages

  • automatic management of the feed demand
  • automatic safety conditions check
  • on-line and remote display of operating conditions, diagnostics, level and use trends

Operating principles

The process is managed by a control system consisting of a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a supervisory control and data acquisition instrument (SCADA) consisting of a touch screen panel on the electric board. This type of structure allows you to have continuous information on the state of the plant (failures of on-field utilities, possible leakage warnings), and gives useful indications on the levels of the solvent thus facilitating its provision procedures. The solvent circuit that draws from the tanks consists of a pneumatic pump which sends said solvent to the printing machine.

Plant engineering solutions

The plant can also be supplied with:

  • solvent leak detection system, only from the storage tanks
  • equipotential verification systems activated when loading from the tank

Services provided

Choosing Brofind means:

  • Customer assistance 24/7
  • Impartiality in recommending pollution control technologies since Brofind is owner of many of them
  • Experience in the design and manufacturing of abatement plants since 1993

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